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call (203) 828-0058 

Treatments Sessions for children and adults

Holy Fire Reiki and Energy Alignment Session-Adults

A 50-55 minute Usui Holy Fire Reiki and Chakra alignment session offered in a quiet, calm setting followed by a 15 minute guidance session. 




30 Minute Intuitive Reiki Session-Adults

A 30 minute Usui Holy Fire Reiki session offered in a quiet, calm setting

followed by a 15-30 minute follow-up about what was

received by me during the session.


MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) & Spiritual Counseling Session

A 90-minute session in which the client completes a mandala and MARI card test. Both are interpreted via intuition and understanding of The Great Round (our path/journey we complete again and again). The Spiritual Counseling/Life Coaching session allows for time to review the findings and provide strategies to work through area in the Great Round in which we are stuck.


Usui Holy Fire Reiki and Reading Session
Receive an intuitive and Tarot Card reading, followed by a Usui Holy Fire Reiki session in a quiet, calming setting.
$75 for 1 hour session
$100 for 90 minute session

Usui Holy Fire Reiki and Medical Intuitive Session-Adults

A 30 minute Reiki session to scan the physical, energy and

emotional body to intuitively determine the root cause of an

issue. A 30 minute Spiritual Counseling/Life Coaching will follow to address the issue(s) and offer guidance and self-healing.


Medical Intuitive Session-Adults and Children

A 45-minute session in which intuitively the body is scanned to understand the physical body, the energy body, and the emotional body to determine the root cause of an issue. *Not intended to be used in place of a doctor's advice or as a diagnostic tool.


Mind, Body & Spirit Healing Special
Are you feeling stuck? Unsure what your path is or feeling so overwhelmed, you do not know what direction to take? This special is for you! A 2-hour session which begins with completing a MARI and a 20-30 minute discussion of the results from MARI. The session concludes with a 45 minute Usui Holy Fire Reiki healing session. 

Guidance and Spiritual Readings
If you are feeling stuck, seeking guidance, and/or wish to connect with a deceased love one, this session may be perfect for you! Prior to attending the session, I will connect with your Spirit Team and deceased loved ones. I will write and draw what comes to me and share with you during our session. You will receive the written messages and will also receive a tarot card reading at the end of the session.
45 minute session $65
60 minute session $75

Spiritual Counseling/Life Coaching-Adults and Children

A 45-minute spiritual counseling session to address health and emotional issues and provide guidance through visualization, meditation, affirmations and other healing modalities.



Distance Usui Holy Fire Reiki

With the use of a Reiki grid and specific crystals for optimal healing, this is a perfect session for those unable to have an in-person Reiki session. Distance can be used for pets as well. 



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