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MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument)
What is MARI?

MARI is an accurate Jungian psychological assessment based on symbols and colors. It reveals a visual of the psyche that includes areas of tension and attention; the conscious and unconscious. This instrument reveals the inner truth of a person.
Why does MARI work?  

When completing the MARI, you are responding intuitively to symbols and colors. The choice of colors and symbols reflects what is going on in your life. You literally will see your psychic contents and once you see it, you can change it. You provide your own intuitive guidance. It measures all 4 aspects of consciousness: thinking, feeling, sensing and intuiting.

How it is used in a session?

I use this tool to help those who are stuck or have had so much happen in their life as it provides a visual for those to see how what has occurred to them is preventing them from moving forward or become stuck in a specific area of the Great Round (the cycle of our life which we go through many times). This tool helps me as a Reiki practitioner and Spiritual Counselor guide my sessions to provide the most in the healing process. My ultimate goal for all my sessions is not only to providing healing but allow those to have strategies to assist in their own healing. 

What have people said after completing a session?

I love to see their reactions as they are in complete control when completing this assessment. They see for themselves what has occurred in their life which influences decisions they have made or areas in which they are stuck or lost. Knowing they have the power to change the color or symbol is empowering! 

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